Ensuring healthy lives and promoting the well – being for all at all ages is essential for sustainable development. Kassanda district s resolution is to ensure quality Health services to the people of Kassanda . Efforts have been made in reducing some of the common killer diseases associated with Child and Maternal Mortality. Major progress has been made on reducing Malaria, Tuberculosis, Polio, and the spread of HIV/AIDS. Curative, Primary Health Care and other related services are provided through, three Health Sub Districts, 32 Health Facilities of which 21 are Public and 11 Private not for Profit. There are 200 Drug Shops and 20 licensed Clinics as are reported per last year 2019/2020.

HIV prevalence of Kassanda District is at 11.3 % and the most affected population being Plantation Workers of New Forest Company in Kalwana Sub County. Boda-Boda cyclists, Bar attendants, Sex Workers, immigrants whose HIV status is unknown, people in fast growing urban centres especially of Kassanda, Bukuya, Kiganda, and Gold Mines in Kitumbi Sub County i.e. Lubaali, Lugongwe and Lugingi Gold sites..
Ensuring healthy lives and combating the spread of HIVAIDS needs a great number of ‘fighters’, hence various implementing Partners, this Financial Year, are working with the District in at least one or more thematic areas of HIV prevention, care and treatment, social support and systems strengthening. In this endeavor, the district recognizes the support of Non-Government Organizations which include; Mild may, KMD-Kiyinda-Mityana Diocese.